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Tsuruhime 180mm Santoku Oak wood Octagon

Brand name : Tsuruhime
Item no.  :  A5318013230626
Shape of item : Santoku
Length of blade : 180mm
Type of steel :  High carbon steel
Name of steel : Shirogami no. 1
Side material : Soft iron
Shape of blade :  Double-edged blade
Surface finish : Kurouchi-finish
Material / Shape of handle : Oak wood / Octagon  
Material of bolster :  Maple wood
Weight : 159g


Tsuruhime(鶴姫) is our brand name.  "Tsuru" (鶴) means "crane" in English, and "Hime" (姫) means "princess."  Tsuruhime is a fictional character from an ancient Japanese tale.

The story of Tsuruhime is often interpreted as a symbol of loyalty, love, and beauty. Additionally, in Japanese culture, the crane symbolizes longevity and happiness.

We chose the brand name Tsuruhime for our knives, hoping they would be long-loved and used by our customers.

This knife was made by craftsmen in Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture. In Tokyo, there is a street called Kappabashi, where stores selling kitchen tools and food-related products are clustered.

This street is famous as a tourist destination, and professional chefs and knife collectors from around the world visit this place. Although the brand names are different, the exact same knife is sold there.

This Santoku knife can be described as a long-hit product loved by enthusiasts all over the world!

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