About us

Tsuruhime: Preserving Japanese Tradition and Delivering to New Zealand

Welcome to Tsuruhime. Our company specializes in selling knives in New Zealand, crafted one by one with utmost care by skilled artisans in Japan’s knife-producing regions.

Our mission is to spread the strength of Japanese craftsmanship globally through the sale of these knives. We also aspire to acquaint the people of New Zealand with the superior quality of Japanese knives and to rekindle an appreciation for Japan’s manufacturing excellence.

Our brand name, "Tsuruhime," is inspired by the Japanese proverb "The turtle lives for ten thousand years, the crane for a thousand years." The crane (Tsuru) symbolizes longevity and happiness, while the princess (Hime) represents nobility and beauty. This name signifies our desire for our knives to be cherished for a long time and to hold a special place in our customers’ kitchens.

At Tsuruhime, we are committed to more than just providing products; we value building long-term relationships of trust with our customers. We are honored to bring you the tradition and expertise of Japanese craftsmanship through our knives, hoping to enrich your culinary experiences.


Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture

Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture

Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture

Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture


Mailer Street, Mornington
Dunedin 9011

New Zealand