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Black Boar Hunting Knife 128mm

Brand name : Black Boar
Item no.  :  B1116567230319
Length of blade : 128mm
Type of steel :  High carbon steel
Name of steel : Aogami no. 2
Side material :  Stainless
Shape of blade :  Double-edged blade
Surface finish : Stuchime-finish
Material / Shape of handle :  Japanese burned-oak wood
Material of bolster : Plated iron
Weight :  166g   
This hunting knife is branded as Black Boar (黒猪) and is produced in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. The maker of this knife is Mr. Iwai, a nationally famous traditional craftsman in Japan. 

According to Mr. Iwai, instead of the cheap hunting knives flooding Japan's outdoor shops, he wanted to use his over 30 years of traditional forging skills to create a genuine knife that can be cherished and used for 10 to 20 years.

The surface finish of this knife features a hammered texture, making it not only functionally excellent but also visually stunning.

You might think that the price of this hunting knife is a bit high but considering the skilled production process and carefully selected materials, the cost is justified. Once you hold this razor-sharp hunting knife, you will instantly recognize the difference!

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