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Aritsugu 170mm Santoku Damascus 10 layers Magnolia wood

Brand name : Aritsugu
Item no.  :  A6318055230417
Shape of item : Santoku
Length of blade : 170mm
Type of steel :  High carbon steel
Name of steel : Aogami no. 2
Side material : Soft iron
Shape of blade :  Single-edged blade
Surface finish : Kasumi-finish Damascus 10 layers
Material / Shape of handle : Magnolia wood
Material of bolster : Buffalo horn
Weight : 169g

This Santoku knife was manufactured by Tsukiji Aritsugu, a renowned knife maker from Tsukiji, Tokyo. Aritsugu is famous as one of the leading manufacturers of traditional Japanese knives, with a history that dates back over 400 years to the Edo period. 

The long tradition and craftsmanship are highly esteemed by professional chefs. This Santoku knife is one of the mere ten produced annually by them. It is a precious knife crafted by traditional artisans in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, where Aritsugu's Japanese knives are made. 

Frankly, there might never be another chance to acquire this knife. If you're interested in this knife, don't miss this opportunity!

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