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Tsuruhime 240mm Sakekiri Magnolia wood

Brand name : Tsuruhime
Item no.  :  A7724015230522
Shape of item : Sakekiri
Length of blade : 240mm
Type of steel :  High carbon steel
Name of steel : Shirogami no. 3
Side material : Soft iron
Shape of blade :  Single-edged blade
Surface finish : Kurouchi-finish
Material / Shape of handle : Magnolia wood 
Material of bolster :  PC
Weight :  459g


Tsuruhime(鶴姫) is our brand name.  "Tsuru" (鶴) means "crane" in English, and "Hime" (姫) means "princess."  Tsuruhime is a fictional character from an ancient Japanese tale.

The story of Tsuruhime is often interpreted as a symbol of loyalty, love, and beauty. Additionally, in Japanese culture, the crane symbolizes longevity and happiness.

We chose the brand name Tsuruhime for our knives, hoping they would be long-loved and used by our customers.

Tosa City in Kochi Prefecture is renowned for its Kurouchi finish, and this knife is also manufactured by the skilled craftsmen of Tosa City.

Kurouchi knives are mostly handcrafted, each possessing a unique texture. Due to this, every knife has its individuality, reflecting the artisan's skills.

These characteristics make Kurouchi knives popular among knife collectors and professional chefs, offering both functionality and beauty.

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