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Kaneshin Hunting Knife 240mm

Brand name :  Kaneshin
Item no.  :  B2124029230322
Length of blade : 240mm
Type of steel :  High carbon steel
Name of steel : Shirogami no. 2
Side material : Soft iron
Shape of blade :  Double-edged blade
Surface finish :  Kasumi-finish
Material / Shape of handle : Oak wood
Material of bolster :  Stainless
Weight :  457g

This hunting knife is branded as Kaneshin, a renowned knife and blade manufacturer from Seki City, Gifu Prefecture.

In Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture, there is a famous knife maker known as Kurodori (黒鳥). While this hunting knife carries the Kaneshin brand, it is actually manufactured by Kurodori (黒鳥).

Kurodori's knives are crafted with stringent standards and skilled techniques, from material selection to heat treatment, grinding, and finishing. This ensures that each knife has exceptional sharpness and durability, allowing for prolonged use.

Kurodori-made blades are highly esteemed not only by professional chefs but also by collectors worldwide.



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