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IROKCAKPT Sharpening Whetstones Set

Item No. : D3230329
Double-Sided Medium Whetstone # 1000   x    1pcs
Double-Sided Finishing Whetstone # 6000   x    1pcs
Flattening Whetstone   x   1pcs
Bamboo Base with Non-Slip Rubber   x   1pcs
Angle Guide   x   1pcs
Total Weight :   1410g


The IROKCAKPT Professional Knife Sharpener is durable and long-lasting. It can sharpen all types of blades. Ideal for household and professional knives, woodworking chisels, gardening shears, household scissors, knives for outdoor leisure, stainless steel knives, and more. It makes a wonderful gift for someone special or a Father’s Day present.

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